On Monday and Tuesday, 26 and 27.10.2015., Drop-in Centers of Association Margina in Tuzla, Zenica, Mostar began the final process of accreditation by the Agency for quality and accreditation in health care of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (AKAZ).

Accreditation of drop-in centers in the Federation is part of the project implemented in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is supported by the Global Fund UN (GFAT project), and is being implemented in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2007.

Association Margina officially began the process of accreditation of its Drop-in Centers in November last year. During this process, the staff of Centres received training and worked hard on the preparation of policies, rules and procedures, as well as improving the quality of service provision and of service itself. In accordance with the regulations of AKAZ, two self-assessment were carried out in each center, which fullfiled the conditions for the final external evaluation to take place.

External evaluation of the Centres was conducted by a team of AKAZ’s external evaluators, led by experienced Dr.sci.med Enes Sacic and medical tehnician Jasmin Kunovac. The main goal is that, through accreditation standards and accreditation of Drop-in Centers, all centers in FBiH operate and provide services to their clients at a guaranteed level of quality with the priority on, above all, the safety of users and staff in Drop-in Centers.

We believe, given the impressions and reports of external assessors, that the Drop-in Centers of Association Margina, following a decision of Commission on Accreditation and Board of Directors of AKAZ, will find their place on the list of accredited institutions in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In case of possitive decision, the Drop-in Centers of Association Margina will become the first Centers of this kind in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region of Southeast Europe, accredited by the Agency for Quality and Accreditation in Health of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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