On Friday, 10/23/2015, the employees of the Association Margina from Mostar office presented the activities of the Association Margina in the local community at the “Day of opportunities” fair, which took place at Hotel Bristol and was organized by “Our society” network from Mostar.

The Fair gathered representatives of various organizations and initiatives that have had the opportunity to present their work and modus operandi to the citizens of Mostar. The fair consisted of representatives of students from both Mostar Universities, Youth Association of Psychologists, the Association for the Protection of Animals “Animals because we care,” Association Margina, representatives of the project “Every student” and others. The organizer, the network “Our society” is a network of non-governmental organizations from Mostar, which is dedicated to improving the quality of life and human rights.

During the entire fair, the presentation area of Association Margina was very well visited, so many citizens and representatives of other organizations had an opportunity to get acquainted with the work of the association.

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